Friday, 5 August 2011

Kinley Hill Tower (NZ430467)

This curious gazebo-like affair sits atop a lofty prominence overlooking the surrounding countryside a mile or two south of Seaham.  For risk of breaching copyright, please see the structure’s form here.  As you will observe, it was a splendid little landmark before the storms of December 2006.

The two-storey affair was built as little more than an eye-catcher – a folly – by Major George Anderson of nearby Hawthorn Tower around 1830 – and indeed was for years known as ‘Anderson’s Folly’.  It was probably used as a summer house by the estate during Victorian times, but several sources state that it became a residence around the turn of the twentieth century (as is evidenced by remains of a privy and midden).

It may soon become a holiday cottage after remedial work has been completed.  Or perhaps it already has!  Do let me know if you can enlighten me further.

P.S. Have just found an up-to-date picture here.

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  1. Have just seen an advert in Seaton Holme Easington with details of where to ring & email