Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Montagu Pit Memorial (NZ198641)

Memorial to those lost in the Montagu Pit Disaster – the plaque reads:

In memory of the 38 men and boys who tragically lost their lives in the Montagu View Pit Disaster on 30th March 1925, when an inrush of water from a burst seam flooded the mine shaft. The pit was finally closed on 13th November 1959.

The pitman, pony and tank [the latter is held in the girl’s hand] depict our past heritage. The house [held by the boy] represents the present regeneration of our community. The children are our future.

The official unveiling took place on 9th June 2012 by Councillor Hazel Stephenson and children from Scotswood Village Nursery, Scotswood Village Playgroup and Bridgewater School. The children and local community were involved in the design. The sculpture was made by Xceptional Designs.

In remembrance of ‘Men of Steel’.

[Scotswood Village Residents Association]

More information here.

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