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The Lambton Worm (NZ310540)

One of the most famous of our local songs, there follows one version of The Lambton Worm. It was said to lurk in and around the River Wear near the Lambton Estate in Co.Durham. A spot still called Worm Hill is said by most accounts to have been its night-time lair – though the following poem names Penshaw Hill as the location in question.

One Sundaa mornin’ Lambton went a-fishin'’ in the Wear;
He cowt a fish upon his heuk, he thowt lukk't vurry kwee-a.
Noo whattna kind ov fish it waaz yung Lambton cudd’na tell;
He had’na mind t’ carry it hyem, so he hoyd it doon a well.

Whisht! Lads, haad yer gobs,
An’ aa’ll tell ye aall an aaful story.
Whisht! Lads, haad yer gobs,
An’ aa’ll tell ye ‘boot the worm.

Noo Lambton felt inclined t’ gan an’ fite in forrun waars;
He joined a band ov nites wee caired for neetha woonds nor scairs.
So off he went t’ Palestine where kwee-a things him befell;
An’ vurry syun forgot aboot yon kwee-a worm in thu well.

(repeat chorus)

Thu worm got fat an’ growd an’ growd, an’ growd t’ an aarful size;
Wi’ a git big gob, an’ git big teeth, an’ git big goggly eyes.
An’ when at neet it craaled aroond t’ pick up bits o’ news;
If it felt dry ‘pon the road, it milk’t a dozen coos.

(repeat chorus)

This feorful worm wud often feed on caalves an’ lamms an’ sheep;
An’ swally little bairns alive wen thay lay doon t’ sleep.
Wen it had eetin’ aall it cud, an’ it had had its fill;
It craaled away an’ lapp’t its tail ten times roond Pensher Hill.

(repeat chorus)

Thu nooz ov this myest aarful beast an’ its kwee-a gannins on;
Syunn cross’t the seez an’ reach’t thu ee-as of bowld and brave Sor John.
So hyem he came an’ cowt the beast an’ cut it in twe haalves;
An’ that syunn stop’t it eetin’ sheep an’ bairns an’ lamms an’ caalves.

(repeat chorus)

So noo yer naar hoo aall thu foaks on byeth sides o’ thu Wear;
Lost lots o’ sheep an’ lots o’ sleep an’ lived in mortal fee-a.
So let’s hevv one t’ brave Sor John, wee kept the bairns fram harm;
An’ saved thu caalves by myekin’ haalves o’ thu aafull Lambton Worm.

(chorus after last verse)
Noo, lads, aa'll had me gob,
That's all aa knaar aboot thu story,
Of Sor John’s clivvor job,
Wi' thu aaful Lambton Worm.

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